TV Project (2008)

This PDF describes how DMU could (has) implemented TV capture and playout: TV Project

It starts:

With the uptake of an ‘upgrade’ to the TV licence the library may now capture off air programmes to disk and then stream those programmes to any computer desktop within the university’s firewall. The new system will eventually replace the current record to video/dvd and catalogue in the LMS system. The web team have been looking at the technology of capturing off air recordings and streaming them for over two years. The testing of research began after a visit to the International Broadcasters Conference IBC 2006. Many off-the-shelf solutions are close to the system that will be implemented. One expensive solution from Anevia would match our needs, for now, but in talking to their representatives on the Anevia stand and to other companies’ representatives Open Source tools feature greatly among the offerings. We know now that we can implement this project using Open Source tools combined with some appropriate hardware.

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