oEmbed YouTube videos

This is a quick test demonstrating the built in oEmbed code of YouTube in WordPress. Before this feature was added we had to rely on plugins like WP YouTube Player and YouTuber. We should be able to embed videos and size them, now, using WordPress’s core code.

Let’s go…

It should be as simple as pasting the ‘Share’ URL on a line by itself:


You should see the video embedded in the post or the page.

This code will size the embedded video:

[embed width="230" height="200"]http://youtu.be/8gpjk_MaCGM[/embed]

To get the correct URL for the oEmbed URL click on ‘Share’ for the video on the YouTube website. As time goes on, it is likely that plugins that don’t offer anything over this functionality will fall out of date with the core WordPress code.

And the conversation continues:


Mohamed Kassam (mind bending Twitter homepage) pointed out that oEmbeded YouTube video can be extended using the parameters outlined on the YouTube Embedded Players and Player Parameters page.  I haven’t been able to prove this works.


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