Micro blogging server setup

On Fedora:

  • dnf install docker
  • systemctl start docker
  • docker run hello-world
  • docker pull turnkeylinux/gnusocial-14.0
  • CID=$(docker run -i -t –name social -p -p -p -p -p -d turnkeylinux/gnusocial-14.0)
  • CIP=$(docker inspect –format='{{.NetworkSettings.IPAddress}}’ $CID)
  • docker logs $CID | grep “Random initial root password”
  • ssh root@$CIP
  • cd /var/www/gnusocial
  • vi config.php
  • change $config[‘site’][‘server’] (e.g. ‘mysocial.domain.com:4443’) & $config[‘site’][‘name’]
  • change desktop host file to reflect $config[‘site’][‘server’]
  • web browse to https://mysocial.domain.com:4443

et voilà.

For every mistake I made, I ran:

docker stop social
docker rm $(docker ps -a -q) # deletes all containers!

and started again.  You could do this in less than 15 minutes!

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