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Quick note: Monit-er FFMPEG : run ffmpeg as daemon

Tweet On CentOS 6, I just set up a script and monit to rerun ffmpeg if it crashes.  We’re using ffmpeg to push video from an IP camera to a CDN. FFMPEG Install NUX repo in order to get FFMPEG: … Continue reading

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Ionic 2 : how to build three native mobile apps from one code base

Tweet Introduction I have just created an app using early versions of Ionic 2 (Apache Cordova with AngularJS).  The app has been accepted in to Google and Apple’s app stores.  Obviously, this means I am now Ionic 2 1337 and … Continue reading

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Micro blogging server setup

Tweet On Fedora: dnf install docker systemctl start docker docker run hello-world docker pull turnkeylinux/gnusocial-14.0 CID=$(docker run -i -t –name social -p -p -p -p -p -d turnkeylinux/gnusocial-14.0) CIP=$(docker inspect –format='{{.NetworkSettings.IPAddress}}’ $CID) docker logs $CID … Continue reading

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Protected: An app idea

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Test Pen

Tweet [iframe src=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″]

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Raspberry Pi 3 and HostAPD throughput

Tweet The Raspberry Pi 3 has n-wireless (and bluetooth) onboard now.  I got this robot before Christmas “for my boys”.  I didn’t have much time with it before the holidays and couldn’t quite get it to work with a USB … Continue reading

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Protected: 2016 CentOS 7 virtual machine template to support LAMP and other applications. Part2

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Research Data Management: Hydra at the University of Hull

Tweet  Visiting University of Hull Library The University of Hull has refurbished its library at a cost of £28m and very nice it is too. In the library, there is a lot of space, light and high ceilings.  General computing … Continue reading

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WordPress xmlrpc attack work around

Tweet Block the naughty IPs using the htaccess file and this code: $ tail -10000 access_log |grep /xmlrpc.php|awk ‘{ips[$1]++}END{for (i in ips) print i ” ” ips[i]}’ 68.x.x.52 1 173.x.x.17 1 185.x.x.249 15 117.x.x.46 1 192.x.x.80 1 80.x.x.104 1105 180.x.x.59 … Continue reading

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Migration of Off the Air Recordings

Tweet Current system The current system consists of eleven servers.  Seven of these are in Gateway House and four are in Kimberlin.  The current solution has two lots of storage, one at each site.  At the time when the system … Continue reading

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