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Docker Composer and Developing Plugins for WordPress

Tweet + I am developing a WordPress plugin from scratch.  Rather than hacking on someone else’s plugin I will be going through lots of iterations as I develop a robust and reusable framework.  I have recently been using Docker containers … Continue reading

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Using Fail2Ban to protect your LAMP application

Tweet From the Fail2Ban Homepage: Fail2ban scans log files (e.g. /var/log/apache/error_log) and bans IPs that show the  malicious signs — too many password failures, seeking for exploits, etc. Generally Fail2Ban is then used to update firewall rules to reject the … Continue reading

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Developing CampusM using Docker Containers

Tweet Back in December, I created a mobile app for Android and Apple using Ionic with AngularJS.  I did this using my desktop running GNU/Linux.  Traditionally, when a developer works with lots of technologies through her desktop new work can … Continue reading

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Quick note: Monit-er FFMPEG : run ffmpeg as daemon

Tweet On CentOS 6, I just set up a script and monit to rerun ffmpeg if it crashes.  We’re using ffmpeg to push video from an IP camera to a CDN. FFMPEG Install NUX repo in order to get FFMPEG: … Continue reading

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Micro blogging server setup

Tweet On Fedora: dnf install docker systemctl start docker docker run hello-world docker pull turnkeylinux/gnusocial-14.0 CID=$(docker run -i -t –name social -p -p -p -p -p -d turnkeylinux/gnusocial-14.0) CIP=$(docker inspect –format='{{.NetworkSettings.IPAddress}}’ $CID) docker logs $CID … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi 3 and HostAPD throughput

Tweet The Raspberry Pi 3 has n-wireless (and bluetooth) onboard now.  I got this robot before Christmas “for my boys”.  I didn’t have much time with it before the holidays and couldn’t quite get it to work with a USB … Continue reading

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Protected: 2016 CentOS 7 virtual machine template to support LAMP and other applications. Part2

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Research Data Management: Hydra at the University of Hull

Tweet  Visiting University of Hull Library The University of Hull has refurbished its library at a cost of £28m and very nice it is too. In the library, there is a lot of space, light and high ceilings.  General computing … Continue reading

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WordPress xmlrpc attack work around

Tweet Block the naughty IPs using the htaccess file and this code: $ tail -10000 access_log |grep /xmlrpc.php|awk ‘{ips[$1]++}END{for (i in ips) print i ” ” ips[i]}’ 68.x.x.52 1 173.x.x.17 1 185.x.x.249 15 117.x.x.46 1 192.x.x.80 1 80.x.x.104 1105 180.x.x.59 … Continue reading

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New cloud and dev, the new new.

Tweet Looking at Docker While having a quick look at Docker I happened across a slide show presenting Docker starting with its rapid take up. A list: Jenkins.  An extendable open source continuous integration server Travis. (From Wikipedia) In software … Continue reading

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